Zoid on New Doom

Former id Software designer (and CTF author) David "Zoid" Kirsch made a post to Slashdot.org with his thoughts on the announcement that development was beginning on a brand new Doom game (story). Here's what he has to say:
One thing I learned about JohnC with my three and a half years with id--he's extremely to the point.

Well, I'm not surprised that he (and others there) would like to make another DOOM. DOOM was a very successful product and an incredible game. Capturing its spirit will be a challenge since a lot of DOOM's factors were in its ability to give you such an impending sense of danger and power:

DOOM featured rooms of dozens upon dozens of enemies. This was something that just wasn't feasible in Quake or Quake2 with the limitations of the number of polygons on screen. I hope that JohnC has some solutions to achieving this.
  • DOOM had one of the best musical scores of any video game.
  • The monster design was amazing. I remember screaming when I first encountered the Cyberdemon and the fear he instilled into me.
  • DOOM only had LAN based play (and modem one vs one). A proper client and server arcitecture for DOOM based deathmatch would just simply rock.
  • DOOM had insane player speeds. The DOOM guy ran almost twice as fast as the Quake guy did in relation to the world. Such speeds aren't really condusive to internet play since it makes prediction harder. However, I hope those insane speeds make it into the new DOOM.
But there are some issues--when DOOM came out, people were new to the first person shooter genre and one of the reasons DOOM was such a fun game was as you learned how to play you started being able to kill monsters better. These days I (and most experienced players) can run rings around a Cyberdemon and toy with him. DOOM taught me how to strafe, dammit. :)

It's a shame to see Paul let go. He was certainly one who didn't have any problem expressing his opinions. But he could sure pound out some amazing 3D models. His work in Quake2 and Quake3 was outstanding--it's sad to see his art won't be in the new DOOM.

A part of me is upset with my own disassocation with id. I would have loved working on DOOM CTF levels. :)

In any case, I can't wait to see what id can come up with in a new DOOM. I want to be scared all over again.

/// Zoid.