Out of the Blue

Wow a new Doom game? Steed fired? I can't even really absorb it all until I get this news posted, but it's pretty safe to say that it's already impossible for today to be a slow news day...

Oh yeah, I'm getting questions about the "Link Windows" checkbox dealie in the menu... we need to figure out a self-explanatory way to label it, since it's obviously not clear, but by checking that box, external links you click here should open in a new window, one of the most oft-requested enhancements here. Please lemme know if it causes you any problems, otherwise, enjoy!

Link of the Day: New Scientist Feedback 3 June 2000. There's enough there for a couple of links of the day. Thanks Anvil.
Story of the Day: Bandleader Tito Puente Dies. All I can think of is Stripes, but the joke loses it's fun now that he's really dead. Thanks Azraelot.