Shattered Haven Announced

Arcen Games announces Shattered Haven, which they describe as "a 2D top-down action adventure game for 1-2 players with some roguelike elements sprinkled in" planned for release on Windows and OS X this year with a beta to begin next month. This trailer offers a look and they are currently in Seattle to show off the game to those assembled for PAX Prime. More on this can be found on the Arcen Games Website, Facebook, and Twitter. Here's word:
Set in a world enveloped by the roaming Grays and various other violent creatures, players will have to rely on resourcefulness and quick-thinking to solve puzzles in frantic environments. Utilize tools, traps, and weapons to clear all of the surrounding Grays across each of the 100+ hand-crafted levels.

Along with a main campaign filled with twists and multiple endings, the game will also include dozens (if not hundreds) of bonus levels to play, a level editor, and more.