Unreal Tournament 420 Released

Epic has released Unreal Tournament version 420 (here's a local copy with mirrors). In addition to the new game patch (which features improved Direct3D support), this update contains the first public release of the new UnrealEd 2.0 editor (developed by Legend). Here's a list of changes from the readme file:
Version 420 is completely network compatible with all previous public releases of UT (versions 400, 402, 405b, and 413).

Bug fixes
- fixed actorlinecheck() crash
- fixed findrandomdest()
- fixed D3D driver - combined best performance with widest compatibility of previous iterations, improved Voodoo 4 D3D support
- fixed installer problem with certain directory structures
- fixed security holes with ServerRestartGame() SwitchLevel() and SwitchCoopLevel()
- removed ability to use bad skins
- fixed ADDINI for editing .ini files for patch and umod installation

New features (thanks to Legend)
- New editor! - note that the editor is still called unrealed.exe
- various other under the covers features and fixes merged in by Mark Poesch of Legend