Out of the Blue

The latest trend in spam seems to be aimed at avoiding being filtered out based on the sender's address, I now have a couple of solicitation emails in my inbox that have my own address as the sender. Funny, I don't recall sending out any get rich quick schemes... I wonder if I should complain to my ISP and see if I can get myself in trouble? Speaking of spam and related annoyances, someone wrote in the other day asking why our site was generating external pop-up banner ads (called interstitials by those who keep track of the official names for annoyances). My initial response was to suggest this was generated by exiting some previous porn site or something, but I have learned since then that a glitch at UGO high command accidentally pumped a few of these down the line over the course of a couple of days last week. Our apologies for that: Rest assured, this was accidental... we have some sort of "over my dead body" clause when it comes to interstitials.

Link of the Day: Spud Server (building a potato powered web). Thanks Ant, Brendan Reville, and Slashdot.
Bonus Link: DeadRoses.Com (Over the Hill Birthday Gifts). Thanks Muad.