The Old Republic Ilum PvP Follow-up

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Website has an update on the PvP problems that were just patched out of the Star Wars MMORPG (thanks nin). Though some players abused the problems that followed the version 1.1 patch, they say they will not be implementing a rollback, but they repeat a warning they will be taking actions in cases they feel the situation was exploited "to an unreasonable degree." Here' part:
The amount of Valor granted from these activities was significantly more than intended and we are now carefully investigating players who were on Ilum during this period, and present at some of these 'camping' events. I can reassure you that those who were involved and who gained an unfair advantage over other players inappropriately will be carefully reviewed and action will be taken to restore game balance. This could include Valor adjustments or account actions in accordance with the severity of the issue.

We have made the decision not to enact a mass 'rollback' of Valor points for all players in the game, or even on Ilum. This would unfairly penalize some players who may not have been present during this event. Rest assured though, anyone and everyone who is found to have exploited the situation to an unreasonable degree will be investigated and actions taken as needed. Our in-game metrics are able to give us precise details on where players were, what they were doing and what rewards they gained.

We take any sort of situation where one group of players gains an unexpected or unintended advantage over other players very seriously and will act to ensure that all players can have a fair and fun game experience.