Gaming World Record Attempt

Swedish tech-company MuchDifferent announces a scheme they say will result in a gaming world record, as they seek to gather 1000 players to play at once on January 29th at 16.00 CET (noon EST) in Man vs. Machine, a Unity-engine browser-based first-person shooter. While English mountaineer George Mallory sought to summit Everest "because it's there," this endeavor has another element, as they are selling tickets on this site to allow you to reserve a spot in the effort, though it seems that once the reserved spots are taken, the public will be allowed to fill out the rest. The price tag for this is steep: 200 Swedish kronor, which is just under USD $29.00, so if the event sells out, they will gross almost $29,000 for the session. They also explain how they will be able to accommodate so many players at once, claiming this technology can be translated to any game:
MuchDifferent has created a dynamic traffic router/load balancer, PikkoServer, that divides the battlefield between the game servers and glues the result together for the clients, multiple times per second. Although Man vs Machine is based on the Unity Engine, any modern game engine could easily be retrofitted with the technology to create something similar in a few months time.