On ManiaPlanet and ShootMania

An article on GamesIndustry.biz (registration required) recaps a presentation at Ubisoft's Digital Day in London by Thomas Paincon where Ubisoft's online brand marketing group manager talks about Nadeo's ManiaPlanet portal, the upcoming first-person shooter ShootMania, and user-created content. "It will give the freedom to the FPS community to build their own games, to build their own modes," said Paincon. "Because right now ManiaPlanet is just Trackmania 2 Canyon, we can't see the different bridges between both titles. Now it is a concept, but when ShootMania releases next year it will be more understandable to players, how they can benefit from one to the other." He also discusses shooter business models: "And because its not free-to-play there will not be any 'I buy this weapon so I'm more powerful.' It's a concept, it's a gamble, because its new, but this is the strength of Ubisoft - we have a different mindset," he explained. "We have Ghost Recon Online at the other end, which is more realistic, team-play, strategy, free-to-play. It's our strength to be able to test the different business models."