Afterfall: InSanity Trailer

A new trailer from Afterfall: InSanity shows off more of Nicolas Games' Unreal Engine 3 shooter that's due on November 25th. The clip highlights the game's soundtrack, and they announce the soundtrack will be included as a free bonus with all preorders of the game, regardless of whether they reach their lofty 10 million unit sales target. Here's word on the new trailer:
This heartbreaking trailer, titled "Enviro", showcases the aftermath of a devastating nuclear fallout. You'll find a destroyed city full of hidden mystery offering a variety of gameplay here. It also features exciting gameplay inside the shelter and amongst the city ruins, and you'll feel symbolic meaning once you step foot outside of said shelter. Special effects, boosted via the Unreal Engine technology, make Afterfall: InSanity a truly unforgettable experience.