Star Wars: The Old Republic CE Detailed

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Website offers a new trailer from BioWare's upcoming MMORPG called "Bringing Down the Hammer." Here's word: "The Hammer, a powerful prototype battle station developed by the Republic, was believed to have been destroyed during the war. However, this terrible weapon has re-emerged in the hands of the Advozsec, who are using it to conquer unaligned worlds in the Outer Rim. Setting out to stop the Advozsec’s campaign, an Imperial strike team assaults the Hammer and battles to take control." There's also another new feature on The Art and Making of The Old Republic on one of the elements in the collector's edition of the game, and TORWars also offers a Hands-On With ‘The Art & Making of SWTOR’ Book and a SWTOR Collector’s Edition Unboxing video.