Battlefield 3 Beta Has "Hundreds" of Changes from Alpha

After visiting DICE last week, VG247 has word that the Battlefield 3 beta test promised for this month is likely still on track, and will include "hundreds" of changes and fixes since the alpha trial edition of the military shooter sequel. "Everything from gun-balancing to the placement of the objectives on the Rush map; we actually moved them around based on [the fact] that the first base was quite hard to take. We are still moving things around on that map to utilise feedback from the alpha. That’s why we’re doing it. It’s not to market the game, it’s actually to test it in a proper way. There are hundreds of things that we’ve changed since the alpha, DICE's Patrick Bach says. "Again, to the beta question, we are releasing the beta before the game and we are actually changing stuff based on that before we ship the game, even though you could argue that that’s very late close to the ship of the game, we will still have time to do, for instance, day one patches and changes to the Battlelog that will actually be game-changing." Access to the Windows version of the beta will be is guaranteed for those who preorder the game from the Origin Website.