PES 2102 Demo

The first of the two promised playable demos is now available for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, offering the chance to sample a prerelease version of the latest installment in this association football/soccer simulation. Word is: "While there will be areas that are refined, KONAMI wants PES users to try out the game’s many new Teammate Control elements prior to launch and experience the realism that Active AI brings to PES 2012, and which have been singled out for extensive praise by the media. The demo will also showcase the individuality of the many teams in the game, and users will be able to pick from six teams and their playing styles – Manchester United, AC Milan, FC Porto, S.S.C Napoli, Santos FC, and C.A. Panarol – and pit them against each other in 10-minute matches. The demo will also showcase key Challenge Training elements, where fans can practice the new control systems to fully enjoy the game." The demo can be found on AtomicGamer,, GamePron, Gamer's Hell, and PC Games Forever.