Project Osborn Revealed?

Siliconera has unconfirmed details on a project with the working title Project Osborn that a "source" tells them is in the works at Ubisoft. They call this "a squad shooter with stealth elements" in development for "high-definition machines," with a plot that sounds like it comes straight from someone's most paranoid fantasies. This involves a soldier directly descended from George Washington named John Washington (they say Ubisoft describes him as a "modern day William Wallace") who is prevented from his "chance to stop Al Qaeda" because "the [U.S.] military turned on him" and sent an airstrike to destroy his unit. This leads him to reform the Minutemen "to save America… from itself" by waging a guerilla war on U.S. soil against a group called "Osborn" lead by a Navy SEAL. They also say the game will be playable from both sides of this conflict. Thanks Computer and Video Games.