Nexus 2 Announced

Most Wanted Entertainment announces Nexus 2, an upcoming sequel to Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, their space-based tactical real-time strategy game. The original Nexus was was released in May 2005, and the following year what seemed to be a teaser for a sequel popped up, but no more has been heard of this since. "We re-launched the original Nexus on Steam a while ago, and even now we see a substantial amount of new players buying the game each month", says MWE owner Mike Horneman. "We have a very vocal fan base, and know that there's a large number of people out there who would love to see a sequel made." The game is being self-funded by Most Wanted Entertainment with the assistance of crowdsourced financing through GamesPlant, and while they don't share any details about the game at this point, they do outline how the financial part of this will work:
"We're happy to put a large chunk of our own resources into making Nexus 2", said Horneman, "but realistically we cannot fund the whole project ourselves. So, with GamesPlant, we can offer all our fans out there a chance to be part of the Nexus 2 project. The more you pledge, the more you will benefit; from digital pre-orders, through special boxed editions and your name included in the game, right up to profitsharing; everyone can be a part of this."

The GamesPlant site allows users to "pledge" funds to projects, with the money only actually deducted if the project meets its start criteria. If Most Wanted's Nexus 2 plan succeeds, it will be the largest game ever started on the site.