Fray Delayed, Preorder Bonus Plans

Brain Candy announces that they will begin accepting preorders for Fray in the fourth quarter of this year, revealing the release of this futuristic squad-based multiplayer strategy game is being pushed back until Q1 2012, after being announced for release by the end of this year. They also outline the bonuses that will accompany this advance commitment, saying those who preorder will get early access to a beta version of the game and will receive a second copy of the game to give to a friend for free. The news is accompanied by a new batch of media from the game, including screenshots, concept art, models, and logos. Here's word on the beta:
Fray will be available to pre-order and gain early beta access from Brain Candy’s website in Q4 2011. The pre-order early access beta will include the first environment, several playable maps, several game modes, and offers players the unique ability to influence the game design and provide feedback directly to the developers. The beta will offer unlimited play, with weekly updates and special community events. Players who pre-order will then receive the full game immediately upon release in Q1 2012 along with a 2nd copy of the game to give to a friend absolutely free.