PopCap in Play for $1B?

PopCap may be for sale, as TechCrunch reports hearing from "multiple sources" that the casual games developer may soon be sold for as much as (Dr. Evil voice) one billion dollars. They also have speculation about possible buyers, listing traditional publisher Electronic Arts and social gaming giant Zynga as possible candidates, though they indicate the $1B may be too rich for Zynga's blood, and add that PopCap could also be the target of an Asian company looking to make inroads in western markets. There's follow-up to this on VentureBeat, where they note that PopCap's "soon-to-be customer engagement leader" Jennifer Kye tweeted a refutation of this story, saying: "Sorry, I might not have been clear. I was simply stating that @TechCrunch‘s article is not true. I’ll be working there next week! My boss confirmed it for me." However, adding fuel to the speculative fire, this tweet has since been deleted, with Kyle calling it a "rookie CM mistake." VentureBeat also has a follow-up statement from PopCap spokesperson Garth Chouteau: "Per company policy we do not comment on rumor and speculation of this type."