Crysis 2 Cheating Patch This Week

A thread on MyCrysis on cheating in Crysis 2 has updates from yesterday and today saying Crytek plans on releasing a patch this week to address shenanigans in the first-person shooter sequel (thanks Bill). Here's word:
29/3 - We've been working hard to resolve as many of the post-launch issues as possible including some improvements to our game security. These updates will be made available via automatic-download later this week.

30/3 - We wanted to let all of our fans and players know that we take cheating very seriously here at Crytek. We are currently taking steps to permanently remove cheats from Crysis 2 and those individuals that choose to utilize them. We thank you for your patience and want to ensure you that we will continue to work hard to keep the integrity of Crysis 2 intact and cheat-free.