Dragon Age II Controversy of the Day

A post on Reddit centers on a since-deleted user review for Dragon Age II on Metacritic which seems to have been written by a BioWare engineer under the name Avanost, giving the game a glowing review without disclosing his conflict of interest. This has set off a firestorm of irate commentary, and also seems to have generated backlash, as a number of recent user reviews give the game a score of zero. There are links to cached pages that don't seem to reflect what's in the story, but nin found a cached copy of the Metacritic page that does show a portion of Avanost's 10/10 review. A Reddit comment also notes there is also a 10/10 review by a one-review user named LupoTheeButcher, which is also the nickname of a moderator on the BioWare Social Network. There's also a thread about this on the BioWare Social Network.