Arma 2: Reinforcements Next Month

The Arma II Website announces plans for Arma 2: Reinforcements, an upcoming standalone DLC release for Bohemia Interactive's military first-person shooter (is it Arma, ARMA, ArmA, 2, II? They don't seem to know themselves). The disc will offer both the British Armed Forces and Private Military Company packs which are already available via digital delivery. This is due "exclusively for PC" on April 1st, though it's not clear if this is due outside of Europe, since they only list its price (29.99) in euros. "We´ve received numerous requests from our customers and the community to deliver both expansions on DVD. We´re always trying to deliver something more and here it is, new campaigns, dozens of units all completely standalone to be played solo or to be combined with our other great military simulators into one ultimate pack," says Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Španěl. "And that’s not forgetting the hundreds of superb community made addons/mods/campaigns which are fully compatible with all versions of our games including Arma 2: Reinforcements."