On PC Bulletstorm

An article on Ars Technica talks about issues with the PC edition of Bulletstorm, the just-released first-person shooter from Epic Games and People Can Fly. This offers some gripes about the PC edition of the game, talking about unreadable text after switching to widescreen mode, lack of in-game graphics adjustments, a framerate lock, the use of Games for Windows LIVE, and more. The good news is they describe how many of these issues can be addressed by messing around in the .ini files, which they describe as "weakly encrypted." They don't actually give details on what to change or how, but say: "The various unofficial forums online have great advice for different video card set-ups. Don't look for critical thoughts on the PC version on the official site, however, as those are getting locked," but a later article offers more tangible suggestions. Thanks Joker961.