Homefront PC Details

The Homefront Website has a load of new details on the PC edition of Homefront, the upcoming military shooter in the works at KAOS Studios with assistance from Digital Extremes (thanks Dennis and SpectralMeat). They announce the game will use Steamworks, that it is available for pre-purchase on Steam. They also discuss PC-specific features such as NVIDIA 3D Vision support, the choice of first- or third-person perspective when operating vehicles, three different realism levels for piloting helicopters, extra vehicle abilities for co-pilots, support for flight controllers, multiplayer match recording, a dedicated server browser executable, LAN support, SLI/Crossfire support, and more. There's also a FAQ that talks about support for 32-player multiplayer games, lack of Linux support, spectator support, a repeat of the previously released system requirements, and more. Also noteworthy is a confirmation of plans to release the dedicated server software. Update: This story originally had an inaccurate comment about DRM which has been removed. Apologies for causing any confusion.