OnLive Unlimited Play Launches, Gaikai Closed Beta Begins

Cloud gaming service OnLive announces a new unlimited play subscription scheme that seems more appealing than the original PlayPack system that required paying a relatively substantial sum to play games using the service. Under the new plan, players have unlimited access to a "growing library of great games" for $9.99 per month. That fee will kick in starting January 15, 2011, and between now and then, it is in beta for free. Also, Engadget has word that competing cloud gaming service Gaikai is now in closed beta testing, and they offer their first impressions, saying: "Over an up-to-18 megabit AT&T U-Verse internet connection aimed at Gaikai beta servers roughly fifteen miles away, we generally got 10-15 megabits of download bandwidth, and a latency of between 25 and 35 milliseconds. That got us performance just about equal to the 720p video above, both in terms of visual quality and speed, and yet a noticeable amount of input lag -- not too much to make the game unplayable, but not nearly as enjoyable as on a dedicated console or gaming PC."