On StarCraft II in Korea

The StarCraft 2 Uber-Interview on Games On Net talks about the real-time strategy sequel with Blizzard's Bob Colayco and Chris Davey. One of their main concerns is the amount of money spent on marketing StarCraft II in Korea, and how the game's sales compare to the original StarCraft, which is an institution in that territory. While they continue to cultivate the game in the Korean market, there is an admission that it's been slower going than anticipated. "Yeah, it's fair to say that it didn't come out of the gates as well as we'd hoped," Colayco tells them. "But we're working on some things, such as the GSL with our partner GomTV, and some other initiatives to try and continue. There's definitely a lot of interest there, we're definitely in the top 10 as far as the played games in the IGR's and we're seeing some upward mobility there so we're doing what we can to prop that up."