FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch Plans, Trial Extended

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Forums offer an "ongoing community FAQ" covering plans for upcoming changes planned for the MMORPG "as soon as next month." This post explains they are looking to update the game every one-to-three months, but that some changes are being pushed through before their planned December update based on "constructive feedback" (and perhaps shareholder rage, thanks joao) saying: "Nothing is more important to us than seeing to the prompt implementation of the various changes and features players desire to improve playing conditions. In that vein, there are several adjustments and additions which we will be introducing before December's version update." They also announce the 30-day trial subscription included with game purchases is being extended to 60 days to compensate for launch shortcomings, saying: "All users who registered a FINAL FANTASY XIV service account and purchased a character by October 25, 2010 will be eligible." Thanks Ant via Slashdot.