OnLive Drops Subscription Fees

Cloud computing provider OnLive announces they are dropping plans for monthly subscription fees for their cloud-based gaming service, which were to be charged in addition to fees for the games themselves. The service launched with a promotion waiving subscription fees for the first year, so no refunds will be required, they will simply not begin charging as had been planned. Word is: "We’re excited because this opens the door for the OnLive Game Service to be used by everyone whenever they feel like it, whether for playing a full game on OnLive, or for just instantly playing a demo before buying a game for a console or a PC. Or, even for people just wanting to spectate games in the Arena or friend other gamers. Whatever interests you in gaming, OnLive provides it instantly, without complexity or hassle." Looking to the future, they say they are currently manufacturing MicroConsole TV Adapters and OnLive Game Pad Controllers, and are working on improved video quality and lower latency. Thanks Ant via