Kotick vs. Schafer, Part 3

Kotick slams Tim Schafer on Computer and Video Games has a response from the Activision CEO to harsh comments Double Fine Productions CEO Tim Schafer made about him a couple of months ago when Tim called him both a "dick" and a "prick." A previous (more timely) rebuttal from an Activision rep took issue with the implication that Kotick doesn't like games (as now does Kotick), and now Kotick himself takes a shot at Schafer's game: "I never had any involvement in the Vivendi project that they were doing, Brütal Legend, other than I was in one meeting where the guys looked at it and said, 'He's late, he's missed every milestone, he's overspent the budget and it doesn't seem like a good game. We're going to cancel it," he told Edge Magazine. ""And do you know what? That seemed like a sensible thing to do. And it turns out, he was late, he missed every milestone, the game was not a particularly good game..." Thanks joao. Unless, of course, this is just taken out of context, which Kotick says is usually the case (though that might be taken out of context).