Bethesda Podcast & Newsletter

As announced on the Bethesda Blog, the debut Bethesda Podcast is now available, offering some audio insights into upcoming projects from the Zenimax family. Word is: "With a blend of studio news and casual discussion, the Bethesda Podcast will offer an inside look at a wide range of subjects. Our first episode kicks off with a quick update on Fallout: New Vegas from senior producer Jason Bergman, including a sampling of the game’s unique soundtrack. Then it’s on to a lengthy talk with Bethesda’s Todd Howard and id Software’s Tim Willits on a number of topics, including QuakeCon, post-apocalyptic games, and what the two studios are working on." They also now have In the 'Works - Issue #2, which is Bethesda's second newsletter, which mentions the podcast, discusses PAX plans, offers Hunted concept art, a Gamescom/QuakeCon wrap-up, discusses preorder bonuses, and caps things off with a new Fallout: New Vegas screenshot.