FFXI Support Will Continue After FFXIV

Gamasutra interviews Hiromichi  "Tiger" Tanaka of Square Enix about FINAL FANTASY XIV, the upcoming MMO installment in the FF series of role-playing games. A natural question is what the new game means to the future of FINAL FANTASY XI, their other MMORPG in the series. They learn that while they would like players to migrate to the new game, they will continue to support the old one as long as is warranted: "Since FFXI has been out of eight years, we think it's reached its time now, so obviously we would want FFXI players to shift to FFXIV. However, we do understand if FFXI players have special memories of FFXI, so there must be some people who will continue to play FFXI. So, we would like to keep of them happy, and we will try to introduce some bonus for our customers, probably from a monetary point of view. However, of course, we will continue working on FFXI. Even after we launch FFXIV, we will still continue the development side. So, as long as the players enjoy the game, we will continue the service." Thanks Strategy Informer.