Cliffski versus Epic

A post to Cliffski’s Blog has a reaction from Positech Games CEO Cliff Harris to an incident at the Develop conference where he says a panel discussion on "microstudios" like his one-man shop was heckled by Epic's Mark Rein, who made derisive comments after Cliffski cited one-on-one communications with customers as an advantage of being a small indie. This prompts Harris to call Rein a "jerk," and offer some criticisms of Epic's approach to the industry (concluding by telling them to "f**k off"). He explains why this got his goat so badly: "The only reason I’m moved to give a damn enough to state my opinion, is that I resent having some triple-a studio jerk come and tell someone whose run a microstudio for thirteen years that he is doing it all wrong. If Mark from introversion [sic] suggests I’m doing it wrong, thats [sic] cool, he does what I do, and has some serious experience, ditto anyone on that panel, or anyone with long indie experience."