J Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving Microsoft

Engadget has confirmation of the report that J Allard is leaving Microsoft, adding news that President of Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division Robbie Bach is parting ways with the company in addition to Allard, who had been senior vice president of Design and Development for E&D. These changes are described as unrelated to each other, but Engadget has a letter from Steve Ballmer to MS employees and a press release indicating this is part of "a broader restructuring that will effectively dissolve the division and give CEO Steve Ballmer more direct oversight of Microsoft's consumer initiatives like Xbox and Windows Phone as of July." They report Allard denies he is leaving due to the cancellation of the Courier tablet, saying rather that he will devote more time to his personal interests, "particularly adventure sports" while Bach's move is described as a retirement. Bach will remain as an adviser through the fall, while Allard will continue as an advisor to Ballard, "helping incubation efforts, looking at design and UI, and providing a cross-company perspective on these and similar topics." Thanks nin via Joystiq.