On Aging Gamers

Able Gamers reports on their new white paper on gaming and accessibility that claims "The gaming industry is set to lose $3 billion in potential revenue along with more than 30 million customers as Americans who play video games continue to age and become disabled." This will be discussed at their Game Accessibility Day, to be held at the Hyatt Harborside hotel in Boston, MA on May 25. "Many gamers started playing Atari in the ‘70s and ‘80s and are now 50 years and older. They may still want to be gamers, but, as they age, they may not be able to because of disability or health conditions. They’re essentially being shut out," says Stephanie Walker, a founder of The AbleGamers Foundation and the paper's co-author. "The time for making games accessible is now." Thanks Joker961 via The Escapist.