Humble Indie Bundle Update: Source Code Promise

The Humble Indie Bundle pay-what-you-want sale of five indie games has been a rousing success, as the organizers reveal that just a half-week in, over 60,000 contributions have amounted to more than $500,000 in revenue, $150,000 of which will go to charity. They also have a blog post noting that Linux users contribute twice as much as Windows users (with Mac users splitting the difference), but add that the average Windows user donation has been creeping up since they've been revealing the average paid by platform. There also turns out to be a subtle message in The Humble Indie Bundle Trailer at the 1:17 mark, where you can see it says: "If we raise over $1,000,000 USD, then Gish, Penumbra Overture, and Lugaru will release their source code."