BioWare Bazaar

The countdown on the BioWare website has concluded with the announcement of the BioWare Bazaar, continuing a grand tradition of these countdowns not concluding as anticipated. Update: It should be noted this is in the US only, and residents of Florida and New York are not eligible. Here's word:
To show our appreciation of fan support over the last 15 years, we have created the BioWare Bazaar!

The BioWare Bazaar is a week long series of online auctions featuring over 400 prizes, ranging from custom painted PC's to BioWare apparel and more!

To bid on these auctions, fans will have to collect tokens through various challenges. On April 6th on 9AM PST the first BioWare Bazaar auction will begin, with new prizes being auctioned every 15 minutes until 4PM PST on Saturday.