Bad Company 2 Mod Support "Out of the Question" at Release

There's a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 interview on BASHandSlash translating a German conversation with Patrick Bach from Gamestar magazine (thanks Joker961). They ask about a few absent features, with Patrick saying the following about co-op: "One of our game modes is squad deathmatch where four players fights against three other squads. Basically this is a coop mode where one fights against a 'superior' enemy. Kind of an online coop mode. And our focus is the online gaming." Of LAN support he says: "But it might be that we will offer this later." He also indicates the game will definitely not have mod support out of the box: "The player can change settings on the dedicated server but there won't be modding tools included in the retail game. The reason is the same as coop mode. That is, we decided to focus on other aspects because we want to achieve the highest levels of quality possible, rather than a buggy game with average gameplay but with modding possibilities. Theoretically we could still add mod support after release, we just don't know yet. But it's out of the question for the retail version."