PC Dead Space 2 "Under Consideration"

A tweet by EA's Jeff Green seemed to reset the Dead Space 2 PC conversation, saying: "Rumor fact check: There *will* be a PC version of Dead Space 2. Worry not!" The journalist-turned-developer then added "I'm fairly certain it's a same-day PC release, too." After raising hopes, he proceeds to dash them with a follow-up, saying "Fact checking my fact check: Dead Space 2 PC is just 'Under Consideration.' DOH I'm just an excitable PC dork. Should I start the petition?" He caps this saying: "Sorry for misleading/jumping the gun, y'all! But let's cross our fingers!" (thanks Kotaku). EA's financial reporting earlier this week listed Dead Space 2 for consoles and handhelds only, leading to EA telling us: "As of right now a PC sku is not in the plan." It sounds like it's still not firmly in the plan, but at least it's not being ruled out.