PC BioShock 2 Widescreen & Gamepad Issues

The 2K Forums have a thread complaining that widescreen support in the PC edition of BioShock 2 does not work properly, as it displays a cropped version of the 4:3 screen, rather than true widescreen depiction of the scene (thanks Gamer's Hell). This is pretty surprising, considering the original BioShock suffered the same problem until a patch came out several months after the game's release. One post by 2K Elizabeth acknowledges the problem, saying it is restricted to the PC edition, while a later post says a fix is on the way: "I am compiling a complete list with a nifty screenshot for you, but in short: Yes, there's a problem, yes, a fix is on the way, yes the view will expand horizontally for you widescreen gamers. I wanted to let you know as soon as I could - so stay tuned for the details."

Also, Shacknews notes a Please bring back 360 Controller/Gamepad Support for BioShock 2 on PC Petition is online, asking for gamepad support, as reflected in this forum thread. However, 2K Elizabeth explains that lack of gamepad support is intentional: "We made quite a number of significant changes to UI / HUD for the PC version of the game. The decision was made early on not to support controllers at all in order to ensure that we got the mouse and keyboard control absolutely right. This of course required a redesign of large parts of the UI and the player HUD. For example, we removed the Weapons and Plasmid Selection Radials in favor of a custom created Weapons Selection Strip which more accurately reflects the keyboard layout." An unofficial gamepad support workaround is available.