Chris Taylor Interview

There's a short Q&A with Chris Taylor on where they talk with the supreme commander at Gas Powered Games, asking seven questions about Supreme Commander 2, the upcoming RTS sequel. When asked if the game will suffer from compromises to accommodate consoles, Chris' answer suggests he thought he was being asked the opposite, as he explains how the console versions will not suffer due to compromises for the PC edition: "That was something we were very wary of from the start, and worked very hard not to let that happen. Consider this, a huge percentage of the UI was custom made for the 360, the engine was optimized for the multi-core architecture and we came up with quite a few console specific control scheme enhancements. We developed the idea of Strategic Mode and the Stretch Cursor all because of the need for better control on the console. And you won’t believe how intuitive and natural it is to use Paint Attack, the complimentary attack selection to Paint Select."