Chris Taylor Optimistic About PC Gaming

Total PC Gaming Magazine has some tidbits from an interview with Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games from issue #30 of their print magazine, which hits newsstands next month. "Anytime you have a propriety system it’s like a benevolent dictatorship – there are some short term benefits to it, but they fall down in the long run," Taylor told them. "That’s been the way it’s been over and over again in the history of technology and even the history of the world." He goes on to explain how the openness of the PC platform will protect against these proprietary issues: "So I think the PC is an open platform, and digital distribution means the ability for people to create strong (independent) publishing and distribution platforms- none of which is possible on consoles," he explains. "I could really go down the rabbit hole with this, but I see the PC as the only logical place to carry forward for everyone who wants to compete- it’s the open market place." Thanks