Oculus Demigod Official Release

Oculus lives! declares a post to the Demigod forums by Stardock CEO Brad "Frogboy" Wardell, announcing the availability of Oculus, the second free post-release demigod for Demigod, Gas Powered Game's action/strategy hybrid. The new Demigod was actually made available in a low-key update on Wednesday with release notes that hinted how technically proficient users could get him early if they wanted. Brad Wardell explained to us why: "The original plan was that on Friday, we would release Oculus as a free Demigod in which people added him to their accounts via the store page. By doing this, we would be able to measure the current interest in DLC for Demigod to determine whether we could justify paying GPG to develop additional maps and demigods later." However, the subtle release resulted in complaints that users were being asked to "jump through hoops" to get the new Demigod, and as a result the Demigod was added to everyone's account. We spotted some forum posts where users referenced a belief that Stardock has stated that no new DLC will be coming as a result of the dust-up, but we asked about this and Brad says this is a misunderstanding: "In responding to the issues, one of our moderators implied that us having to do this would eliminate our ability to determine the active size of the Demigod community and therefore end any hope of additional DLC. However, the moderator was mistaken as we can determine the active userbase by the number of people who logon and work from that."