Blizzard's MMOFPS?

French site NoFrag offers a rumor (in the site's native French) on Blizzard's upcoming mystery MMOG, as 2010 continues its pace for a record number of game-related rumors. As interpreted by Google Translate, we see they are reporting the game will be an MMO first-person shooter set in a futuristic environment, attributing this information to "d'une source proche du dossier," which is the French equivalent of "a source familiar with the matter." They say the MMOFPS will have two components, one a social/lifestyle element like The Sims Online, with the other being where the combat takes place. Blizzard obviously has an existing IP that would match up with this idea, and it is also quite compatible with Blizzard's explanations that their unannounced MMOG is "significantly differentiated enough" from World of Warcraft.