Jagged Alliance 3 Cancelled?

German site GameStar.de reports that Akella is no longer developing Jagged Alliance 3, not very long before the projected Q1 2010 release date for the turn-based strategy/RPG sequel (thanks WorthPlaying). The reason for the change is not clear, but they report publisher Strategy First retains the rights to the franchise. The Jagged Alliance series has bounced around quite a bit over the years since the demise of SirTech, MiST land was once developing Jagged Alliance 3 and at one point there were three "Alliance" titles in development: Jagged Alliance 3, Jagged Alliance 3D, and African Alliance, though that last game was cancelled just months after it was revealed. A deal for Game Factory Interactive to develop the series was dissolved a few years ago, shortly before Akella was announced as the new developer for the series, which now seems to be back to square one, or square three as it were.