TF2 Soldier Wins: Update Live, Free Weekend Begins

The Team Fortress 2 Blog announces the Soldiers are the big winners in the war against the Demomen over who would get the remaining item in the new Team Fortress 2 update. That new update is also now live, marking the start of a weekend of free play in the class-based shooter that runs through Sunday at 4:00 pm EST. Word is: "Sorry, Demomen. You fought the good fight and kept it far closer than anybody could have predicted. But in the end, at the noon Thursday deadline, the Soldiers kept their razor-thin lead, with 6,406,065 killed Demomen to the Demo's score of 6,372,979 killed Sollys." The new newspaper shows the Soldier's new item to be "The Gunboats," a pair of secondary-slot boots that significantly reduce splash damage from rocket jumping (no word if they also reduce splash damage from enemy rockets). It also reveals two all-new maps, CP-gorge and CTF-Doublecross. Steam News has all the details on the new update, the free weekend, and the 50%-off sale on Team Fortress 2 that lasts until Monday.