TF2 War Ends Today, More Update Details

The latest update to the Team Fortress 2 Blog announces how close the battle is for the secret weapon in the Team Fortress 2 update planned for today, which will kick off a free weekend for Valve's teamplay shooter. The tally as of publication was 5,727,928 Soldiers to 5,742,720 Demomen, which they point out is "close." Their latest newspaper dealie is also online, with more weapon reveals: The Soldier's Equalizer, the Scottish Resistance for The Demoman, and The Soldier's Buff Banner. Back to the Soldier/Demoman competition, they promise these numbers are legitimate: "Adding in the points awarded to our recent Propaganda Contest winners—60,000 frags added to the Killed Demomen score and 25,000 added to the Killed Soldier score—the war currently stands neck-and-neck at 5,727,928 Killed Soldiers to 5,742,720 Killed Demos. We need to stress to you that we have not gamed these numbers in any way: After a solid week of gut-grinding combat and an astonishing 11,470,648 total kills, the Demomen and Soldiers are separated by a mere 14,792 points."