On Game Credits

A new article on Kotaku examines the issue of developer credits in video games, a hot topic a year ago when the issue was raised by an un-credited developer on the Warhammer Online team, which was followed up a few times after that. In the year since this came up not much has changed, they discuss crediting failures in Operation Flashpoint 2 and how the IGDA has been kicking around standards for game crediting for a couple of years now, but nothing has come of that yet. They also explore how credits are sometimes used in lieu of pay raises: "Just as common as a studio's failure to assign credit is the use of game crediting as leverage – a way to get more work out of developers for less pay, or to force a designer with a particular specialty to stay on a project when there's another one at his studio on which he'd rather work. The fact that in most cases, credits aren't agreed on until a project's end means there's plenty of room for bargaining and bullying."