FPS Projector Controller

Projector display manufacturer Microvision announces an upcoming weapon-styled projection game controller based on their PicoP display engine, saying it will offer "realistic virtual combat experience with life-sized video images, projected on walls, ceilings and floors." There's a video showing this off on the YouTube (thanks Mike Martinez via Engadget), suggesting this is less unwieldy than Epson “Extreme Gaming”. The controller is being shown off first-hand this weekend at the Intel Extreme Masters PC gaming tournament in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Word is:
Game players at the tourney who give the prototype a spin will experience "an immersive, 360-degree feel," promises Ian Brown, Microvision's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The company's laser projection engine can show a distortion-free image on nearly any flat or curved surface. Consequently, the game goes along with the gamer and reflects the character's position in three-dimensional space."