Comcast Buying NBC Universal reports General Electric has completed a deal to sell NBC Universal to Comcast, pending completion of a deal where Vivendi will sell its 20% stake in the entity. The deal may take up to a year before being approved by the FCC, but that approval is ultimately expected, which would leave Comcast 51% owner of NBC Universal, with GE retaining the other 49%. Word is: "Comcast wants NBC Universal largely for its lucrative cable channels, such as Bravo and CNBC. NBC Universal also spans the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, the Universal Pictures movie studio and Universal theme parks." GE currently owns 80 percent of NBCU, which is valued at approximately $30 billion, and they say: "The deal includes the spinoff of NBC Universal and $9 billion in debt. It also includes the merger of Comcast's content assets and a $6 billion cash contribution." Thanks Mike Martinez via Mashable.