More X Comic and ARG now has more of the "X" graphic novel by author Douglas Rushkoff and artists Cheoljoo Lee and Younger Yang with background on the upcoming unannounced IP from Smoking Gun Interactive. They also point the way to their alternate reality game with the following explanation:
Last week, the community found something hidden within page thirteen of the online graphic novel - a portal to a Resistance “Darknet”” that itself serves as a window into the gaming universe that Smoking Gun Interactive is currently developing. To join this “underground” network, visitors take a few steps through an old-school text adventure, then ”patch” their genetic records in order to disable surveillance systems tracking them. It is only once they are inside the Darknet that the “X” universe really begins to reveal itself. As NASA scientists are being rounded up, the online community has responded by hacking into government computers and surveillance networks. In doing so, they have begun unraveling a story in which obelisks, ancient temples and the Knights of Malta all play a role in a “one step from reality” web of conspiracies.

With this new release, a military test creates chaos and confusion in LA as the community finds itself confronted with a greater challenge – to build the Darknet into a global powerhouse, a home for their newly resurgent “Resistance”. Using a stolen military network-warfare technology called “FORAGER”, their ultimate goal is to seize control of government satellites, and learn what a missing NASA scientist was trying to reveal to them.

All of this plays out through a unique and simple strategy game where each individual’s victories contribute to the global effort to build the Darknet. With the world divided into twelve regions, each player contributes to bringing their own “home” region online. After this, they can help out in other regions, until the entire planet has been “liberated”, at which point the Resistance is expected to seize control of the satellites.