On PC Bad Company 2

There's a Dedicated Server PC FAQ for Battlefield: Bad Company where DICE makes their dedication to the concept clear. Also, the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Forum has a post from Battlefield Community Manager EAzerk16 discussing the difference between the PC and console editions of Battlefield Bad Company 2 (thanks Ant via Planet Battlefield). He explains why the PC is getting "better" features than consoles, including the prone position, higher player counts, and dedicated server support. He also gives the PC platform its due in justifying this:
Last but not least, the PC platform is usually expected to put up with a lot more “crap” compared to consoles. While consoles may get the game on a certain date, PC users typically have to wait much longer for the same game, but in turn, they get the game for a lower price because there are no licensing fees like consoles have, and typically they get a few more perks thrown in compared to consoles just for good measure. PC customers are a much tougher crowd then consoles are so we have to appeal to them in as many ways as possible, but why not? They deserve it after having a steady history of constantly getting the shaft. Also on a side note, If it wasn’t for the PC platform you wouldn’t be playing the game on consoles right now.