Commandos to Return has word (in Dutch) from Pyro Studios that they are reviving their Commandos series of World War II real-time tactics games (thanks Kotaku). We once again put ourselves in the confusing hands of Babel Fish for an automated translation that seems to indicate they regret the switch to the 3D engine used in Commandos 3, and we may see a return to 2D when development on a new Commandos game follows the release of their Planet 51 game:
Developer Pyro studios gets to work with a new commando commandos-game. That has confirmed the studio compared with "

We go certainly busy with new commandos, the time are there ripe voor" , said a spokesman of Pyro studios against the new title returns to the basis and will do think of the style of commandos 2. The game then real-time strategiegame will be, and no first-person shooter such as the last commando commandos-game, commandos: Strike Force from 2006. According to Pyro studios the overstap to 3D a bad choice was.

The studio works at this moment for Planet 51. That game, to the gelijknamige cartoon, is for November 2009. As soon as that project is finished, be ready projects there two new. The new commandos are of it one according to Pyro studio.