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Iranian Games Look West

An article on BBC News describes the Iranian presence at the GamesCom in Germany, where representatives from a trade group called the Iran National Foundation of Computer Games are hosting a dedicated stand. They are exploring the possibility of getting western investments in their game development scene and getting western retailers to stock their games, with representative Amir Tarbyatjoui saying US sanctions against Iran "do affect our industry, but they cannot stop it." They quote Bahram Borgheai of Ras Games about Iranian game development and political controversies:
Mr Borgheai said that while most Western developers used Greek, Norse, or Roman mythology to base their games on, Iran had its own unique mythology that has rarely been used in video games.

"What we have is something quite unique and we are using the event in Cologne to show that to the world."

Video-game development in Iran attracted global media attention in 2007 with the release of Special Operation 85: Hostage Rescue. The game saw two Iranian nuclear scientists kidnapped by Israel with players in the role of Iranian special forces sent to rescue them, while battling Israeli and American forces.

However Mr Borgheai said he doubted if it was a real game in its own right.

"We never heard about it in Iran," he said. "It certainly wasn't released there and the first I heard about it was through the international media," he said.